2-d SJA Nominee Profile - Ali Khamis Manzu- Media & Literary Award

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Nominated for the SJA Media & Literary Award

Nominee Profile: Ali Khamis Manzu Kenya

Ali Khamis Manzu is a seasoned journalist with a passion for telling human interest stories and shedding light on pressing issues such as current affairs, health, climate change, and environmental and wildlife conservation. With a career spanning over two decades, Ali has continuously demonstrated his dedication to journalism and storytelling.

Ali’s journey in the media industry began in 2003 in Mombasa County, where he served as a video production assistant at KBC Sauti House during his internship period. It was here that he honed his skills and gained invaluable experience, notably contributing to the production of the acclaimed show, Penzi Hatari.

Building on his initial experience, Ali embarked on a path of continuous learning and growth. He spent close to six years at Radio Rahma, a local religious station, where he delved deep into radio production and presentation. Rising through the ranks, he eventually became the acting News Editor, showcasing his leadership abilities and editorial acumen.

Ali’s journey took him to Radio Salam FM, where he thrived in an environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. During his tenure, he underwent extensive training that further sharpened his skills and expanded his expertise in the media landscape.

In 2007, Ali embraced a new challenge when he joined KTN, a move that propelled him into the realm of television news broadcasting. Over the years, he has covered significant events such as the 2007 and 2013 elections, distinguishing himself as a versatile field reporter and presenter.
Beyond political coverage, Ali has made significant contributions to journalism by documenting stories on health issues, wildlife conservation, and environmental concerns. His dedication has taken him across various countries, allowing him to shine a spotlight on pressing societal issues.

Currently serving as the Deputy Managing Editor for the Kiswahili department, Ali also holds the esteemed position of senior Swahili news anchor and field reporter. His multifaceted role underscores his expertise and commitment to delivering impactful journalism.

Ali Khamis Manzu’s unwavering dedication to storytelling and his profound impact on the media landscape make him a deserving nominee in the field of journalism. His contributions resonate not only with audiences but also with fellow journalists, earning him respect and admiration within the industry.

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