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Nominated for the SJA Unsung Hero Award

Nominee Profile: Florence Jacqueline Shenyagwa

Florence Shenyagwa has been a tireless advocate for individuals with Sickle cell disease in Northamptonshire. Over the past decade, she has fought to address healthcare disparities, provide support to families, and empower both patients and caregivers. Florence’s efforts led to the reinstatement of a crucial healthcare role, ensuring that patients received the care they desperately needed. Her passion for advocacy and empowerment, coupled with her determination to speak up for the voiceless, makes her a true unsung hero.

Florence’s work extends beyond healthcare, as she also raises awareness about issues such as racism, judgment, and lack of empathy. She believes in addressing challenges on a case-by-case basis, advocating for sustainable solutions that consider the needs of all individuals, including refugees seeking safety in the UK.

Despite facing obstacles, Florence remains unwavering in her commitment to driving positive change. She sees herself as a role model, inspiring others to stand up and make a difference in their communities. Her impact resonates not only among peers but also with younger generations, exemplified by her son Nathan, who defies odds and pursues his dreams despite his illness.

Florence’s dedication, resilience, and advocacy make her a deserving candidate for the SJA Unsung Hero Award. Her work not only transforms lives but also inspires hope and empowers others to create change.

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