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Nominated for the SJA Enviroment & Conservation Award

Nominee Profile: Joseph Cosmas Joseph – Mema Foundation Tanzania 

Joseph Cosmas Joseph, President of MEMA FOUNDATION TANZANIA, is a dedicated leader committed to promoting environmental conservation, education, sports, and health across Tanzania. Through the organization’s initiatives, they aim to foster community development by engaging youth in these crucial areas.

Under Joseph’s leadership, MEMA FOUNDATION TANZANIA has significantly increased youth participation in environmental activities, particularly through the USAFI PROGRAM in Tegeta, Dar es Salaam, and Mvumi, Dodoma. They work closely with local government leaders to implement environmental policies and programs, fostering positive community engagement.

Joseph embodies qualities such as altruism, collaboration, receptiveness, intellectuality, and goal orientation. He believes in the importance of strengthening implementation methods and revitalizing global partnerships for sustainable development.

Joseph plans to collaborate with the SJA Awards board to create a documentary showcasing MEMA FOUNDATION TANZANIA’s environmental activities, aiming to inspire others to become environmentalists. He sees participation in the SJA Awards as an opportunity to highlight the benefits of environmental engagement and encourage more Tanzanian youth to participate in such initiatives.

For Joseph, receiving the Excellence Award in Environment & Conservation would not only be a significant honor for Tanzania but also a platform to forge collaborations with international organizations, companies, and institutions, furthering efforts towards global sustainability.

MEMA FOUNDATION TANZANIA’s objectives include advocating against harmful cultural practices, empowering communities in environmental preservation, promoting health insurance, empowering youth economically, promoting business and peer education, and fostering sports and entertainment for unity and harmony. With 13 official members from various professions, including health, social protection, education, and engineering, the organisation is well-positioned to continue making impactful contributions to society.

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