SJA Awards … celebrating the essence of business and culture across our rich and diverse communities….. World Kiswahili Day London 2024…


SJA Glittering Gala Award Evening


Join us for an exquisite evening celebrating the richness of Swahili culture at the Sema Jambo Glittering Gala Award Evening. Prepare to be captivated by stunning fashion, mesmerising music, captivating art, and the aroma of exquisite culinary delights.


Don’t miss this unforgettable experience on World Kiswahili Day!

An Evening of Elegance:

This opulent gathering will be a highlight of the celebrations, offering guests an unparalleled experience of Swahili elegance and sophistication. Hosted by Sema Jambo in collaboration with MTM, this event promises to dazzle attendees with an unforgettable experience at our Swahili Splendour, a world-class Glittering Gala Swahili Evening.

Honouring Icons: On this auspicious day, we pay homage to the icons who paved the way for Kiswahili to become an international language through their artistry and creativity.

Join us for World Kiswahili Day 2025 next July!

After a successful SJA World Kiswahili Day Evening at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square on Saturday July 6th, an unforgettable evening attended by a cross-section of swahili speaking countries in the UK.  For further inquiries please contact us at

Our Inaugural Events: Celebrating World Kiswahili Day!¬

July 7th, 2022 World Kiswahili Day Launch House of Lords London!

We commemorated the first-ever World Kiswahili Day at the iconic River Room of the House of Lords, graciously hosted by the Lord Speaker of the House of Lords, Westminster. The event, presided over by Baroness Sandip Verma, Her Excellency Asha-Rose Miringo, the High Commissioner of the United Republic of Tanzania in the UK, as the chief guest. It was a captivating evening of networking and culture, highlighted by live performances and engaging discussions.


Renowned Swahili author, broadcaster, and translator, Ali Attas, delivered a compelling keynote address, while the legendary Rahi Bains of Kenyan-Indian origin captivated the audience with his rendition of “Jambo Bwana.”

 Celebrating World Kiswahili Day 2023.

July 6th  2023  World Kiswahili Day Celebration

Returning to the esteemed River Room, this event was hosted by the Rt. Hon. Lord Boateng, with H.E. the High Commissioner of Kenya, Manoah Esipisu, as the chief guest. The evening showcased a vibrant cultural celebration, with live performances by young taarab maestro Brother Nassir from Mombasa, Kenya, and the talented Namite Selvaggi of Italian and Tanzanian heritage.

It was a gathering of the East & Central African diaspora, celebrating the richness of Swahili culture and heritage.


July 7th, 2023 Launch of the SJA Awards – World Kiswahili Day!

At the grand Westminster Central Hall, guests from across the UK, Europe, Kenya, and Tanzania gathered for the launch of the SJA Awards at the World Kiswahili Day Glittering Gala Dinner.

The event was graced by the presence of the High Sheriff of Wiltshire and esteemed representatives from the High Commissions of Seychelles, Burundi, Kenya, and Tanzania.

The evening was a spectacular showcase of inclusion, diversity, and cultural heritage, featuring captivating performances by Segatastic Fusion Dancers, Brother Nassir, and Kuklee Ali. The ambiance was enhanced by the exquisite Swahili-themed decor, courtesy of Huris Collection and Lamu, while chef JOHNSON of Westminster Central Hall delighted guests with authentic Swahili cuisine.

Each guest received a beautiful sustainable Swahili shopping bag made from Kitenge and Kisutu material, adding to the memorable experience.

Join us in celebrating World Kiswahili Day, an event that promotes unity, diversity, and the rich cultural heritage of Swahili-speaking people worldwide.

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