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Introducing the SJA Awards (Sema Jambo Achievement Awards), launched on July 7th, 2023, in Westminster, London, United Kingdom, to mark World Kiswahili Day.

Our mission: to celebrate game-changers within Swahili-speaking communities worldwide.

Honouring achievers in Culture, Art, Music, Media, Fashion, Hospitality, the Environment, and Community Projects, we foster vibrancy, inclusivity, and diversity across Swahili-speaking communities globally.

About each category…

SJA Arts, Culture & Music Award

When selecting nominees for the SJA (Sema Jambo Awards) Arts, Culture & Music Award, we look for individuals who have made significant contributions to the enrichment and promotion of Swahili arts, culture, and music.
Nominees should have made a notable impact on the promotion, preservation, or advancement of Swahili arts, culture, or music.

Nominees who demonstrate innovation and creativity, this could involve pushing boundaries, introducing new perspectives, or revitalising traditional practices in innovative ways.

Nominees should have actively engaged with Swahili-speaking communities, either locally or globally, fostering a sense of community pride or belonging through their artistic or cultural initiatives.

We value nominees who promote diversity and inclusion, celebrating the richness of cultural diversity and ensuring representation of all voices and perspectives.

SJA Media & Literary Award

When considering nominees for the SJA (Sema Jambo Awards) Media & Literary Award, we seek individuals who have demonstrated excellence and significant contributions to the field of Swahili media and literature.

Nominees should exhibit exceptional skill and professionalism in their work within Swahili media, including journalism, broadcasting, digital media, and other forms of media production.

Nominees who have made notable contributions to Swahili literature through their writing, publishing, or literary criticism. This could include authors, poets, playwrights, translators, editors, and literary scholars who have produced significant works or contributed to the advancement of Swahili literary culture.
We prioritise nominees who actively promote the Swahili language through their media and literary endeavours, contributing to its preservation, propagation, and enrichment.
Nominees should show an understanding of the cultural nuances and diversity within Swahili-speaking communities, reflecting authentic portrayals and perspectives in their media and literary works.

We seek nominees whose work has made a positive impact on Swahili-speaking audiences, contributing to their education, empowerment, and cultural enrichment.

SJA Environmental & Conservation Award

When considering nominees for the SJA (Sema Jambo Awards) Environmental & Conservation Award, we prioritise individuals or organisations who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and achievements in the field of environmental conservation.
Nominees should have made a significant impact on the conservation of natural resources, biodiversity, and ecosystems. This includes initiatives aimed at habitat restoration, wildlife protection, marine conservation, and sustainable resource management.
Nominees who actively engage with local communities to promote environmental awareness, education, and sustainable practices.

Nominees who demonstrate innovation and leadership in their approach to environmental conservation, implementing creative solutions to address environmental challenges and inspire others to take action.

Nominees should prioritise sustainability in their conservation efforts, ensuring that their initiatives are ecologically sound, economically viable, and socially responsible.

Nominees should be committed to environmental education and public outreach, raising awareness about environmental issues, inspiring conservation action.

We seek nominees whose conservation efforts have demonstrated long-term sustainability and resilience. Their work should leave a lasting legacy of environmental protection and conservation success.

SJA Unsung Hero Award

When considering nominees for the SJA (Sema Jambo Awards) Unsung Hero Award, we seek individuals who have made significant contributions to their communities or causes without seeking recognition or acclaim.

Nominees should demonstrate selflessness in their actions, putting the needs of others above their own without expecting anything in return.

True unsung heroes are humble and modest, preferring to work quietly behind the scenes without seeking recognition or praise for their contributions.

While unsung heroes may not hold formal leadership positions, they often inspire others through their actions and by example.

Unsung heroes are dedicated and committed to their cause or community, often persevering in the face of challenges and adversity.
The contributions of unsung heroes often have a ripple effect, positively impacting not only individuals but entire communities.

While unsung heroes may not seek recognition for their efforts, their contributions deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated.

SJA Lifetime Achievement Award

The SJA (Sema Jambo Awards) Lifetime Achievement Award is reserved for individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, leadership, and impact over the course of their lifetime in promoting Swahili culture, arts, or community development.

Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award should have dedicated a significant portion of their life to advancing Swahili culture, arts, or community development.

The recipient should have demonstrated exemplary leadership, vision, and innovation in their field, inspiring others and shaping the direction of Swahili culture, arts, or community development.

Recipients should have been vocal advocates for Swahili culture, arts, or community development, working tirelessly to promote awareness, appreciation, and understanding of Swahili heritage.

The recipient should have received recognition and acclaim for their contributions to Swahili culture, arts, or community development, both within the Swahili-speaking community and beyond.

Above all, recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award should embody the highest standards of personal integrity, ethics, and character. They should be role models and exemplars of the values and principles that underpin Swahili culture, arts, or community development.

The SJA Awards hold each nominee in high regard, celebrating the rich diversity of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, religious beliefs, and ideologies. We believe diversity enriches our community, uniting unique talents and perspectives. Together, we inspire greatness, unity, and success, proving that with determination, greatness knows no bounds.

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