Jane Okoth & Rapunzel’s team coming!

Jayne The Stylist aka Jane Awino Okoth coming!

Jane Awino Okoth, a seasoned hairstylist with an impressive 26 years of experience, embarked on her hair journey at the tender age of 8 in the bustling slums of Mathare, her birthplace. Guided by a compassionate mentor, she crafted her skills in an upmarket salon, igniting her passion for hairdressing. Driven by this passion, Jane ventured to the United States to partake in a master class on hair extensions, delving into advanced techniques like hair weaving and delving into the origins of human hair utilized in Kenya.

Her journey didn’t stop there; she initiated a mentorship program aimed at empowering slum-based hairdressers with invaluable skills, thus creating job opportunities and fostering economic growth within her community. This initiative evolved into the esteemed “Wigs and Wings” organisation, uniting hairdressers and beauticians across Kenya in a collaborative effort to support cancer patients. Through “Wigs and Wings,” Jane and her dedicated team provide wigs and pads to cancer patients, offering comfort and confidence during their challenging treatments. This compassionate support plays a vital role in their journey towards recovery, instilling hope and resilience.

Additionally, Jane’s passion for social impact extends beyond hairstyling; she joined forces with the UK-based Period Poverty Action Projects by MTM in 2021, spearheading a Hair Marathon in Nairobi. Supported by Maryam Hassan aka Maryam Abubakar project director of the Huris Foundation, this initiative aimed to combat period poverty, addressing a critical yet often overlooked issue. Jane’s efforts have garnered recognition on both national and international platforms. From being invited to the prestigious MTM Awards 10th Anniversary to receiving Special Recognition at the MTM Awards in November 2023, her dedication to community empowerment and social change has been widely celebrated. Invitations to events like the World Kiswahili Day Gala Evening in London further underscore her commitment to leveraging partnerships and networking to create lasting impact.

As Jane and her Rapunzel’s team prepare to attend the upcoming World Kiswahili Day Glittering Gala Swahili Evening in London, they eagerly anticipate the opportunity to forge new connections and alliances, uniting diverse communities in their shared mission of supporting those in need. With unwavering determination and boundless compassion, Jane continues to be a beacon of hope and inspiration in her community and beyond.