On The Road – Burundi!

…back On The Road.. meeting High Commissioners and Ambassadors from Swahili Speaking countries and friends of Swahili Speaking Countries accredited to the UK . May 2nd we spent the day in Traflagar Square visting both the Burundi Ambassador to the United Kingdom H.E.Bapfinda Epimeni at Uganda House where the embassy is based.

Beautiful welcome from Chacha Marie Chantal and what a moring with his excellency.. Swahili was the hot topic of the day and a relaxed networking morning over a cup of tea, we talked swahili, thought swahili and all agreed that Kiswahili has to be given prominence by persons from countries that spoke Kiswahili, Burundi being one. H E. Ambassador Epimeni endorsed our World Kiswahili Day 2024 and committed to partnering the event to make it a big success.

Burundi – Beauty Beyond Words!

Burundi lies in the heart of East Africa, but it has a lot to offer in beauty and nature. Endowed with scenic beauty due to grasslands, forests and lakes, Burundi will leave you spellbound.  Burundi, nestled along the shores of Lake Tanganyika, is a gem waiting to be discovered. Bordered by Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Rwanda, this small country boasts a rich tapestry of history and natural wonders. Explore the Livingston and Stanley stone, a tribute to British exploration, or visit the Burton and Speke Memorial in Nyanza Lac. Dive into history at Germans’ Gorge, where Burundi’s first king is said to have hailed from.

Venture to Rutovu district to witness the southern source of the Nile, marked by a majestic pyramid. Along Lake Tanganyika’s breathtaking beaches, like La Costa and Yucca Beach, soak in the beauty of one of Africa’s Great Lakes. Indulge in Burundi’s thermal water sites, offering therapeutic relief for ailments like rheumatism. Savor unique cuisine, including fresh fish from Lake Tanganyika and traditional dishes available in Bujumbura’s Musée Vivant shops.

Experience the rhythm of life as drummers clad in the colors of the Burundian flag celebrate tradition and vitality. In Burundi, every moment is a celebration waiting to unfold.