SJA Awards Nominations Now Open!

“Participation is as good as winning  It’s about making that decision.”

As we celebrate our second SJA Awards, we proudly reflect on the last 12 months.  In the span of the 2 years, of our existence and 3 years since we launched the World Kiswahili Day celebrations in the UK, we’ve had the privilege of connecting with people from Swahili Speaking countries across the world.

This journey has truly been a unique and extraordinary experience, though not an easy one. It’s about educating our diaspora Swahili speaking communities on the pros and cons of participating in the SJA Awards and our mission to get our communities to places that they otherwise imagined is a no-go zone.

We take immense pride in having contributed to the spotlighting and celebration of the outstanding contributions made by individuals and groups across a spectrum of diverse backgrounds.

SJA will  hold each nominee in high regard, embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity found within each individual, whether it’s their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities, religious beliefs, or other ideologies. We believe in the power of diversity, as it enriches our community and brings together a tapestry of unique talents and perspectives.

We hope to follow the footsteps of our prime partners MTM Awards and take the SJAs to another level pushing boundaries and providing an extraordinary experience for our nominees and guests.It is our privilege to showcase their excellence and achievements all culminating in a world-class Glittering Gala SJA Award Evening.

This Beautiful Swahili event offers a singular opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and celebrate with some of the finest individuals and organisations across communities.Together, we continue to inspire greatness, unity, and success, proving that when we make the decision to participate in ground-breaking events , we can achieve success beyond measure.

Sema Jambo – Bringing communities together!