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Nominated for the SJA Art Culture & Music Award

Nominee Profile: Ada B

Ada B aka Ada Boas, an R&B/Neo Soul Gospel Artist and the visionary behind the “I Am A Woman Campaign,” hails from the vibrant streets of East London. Her journey in music and activism intertwines seamlessly, reflecting a commitment to empower and uplift her community through art and dialogue.

Ada’s musical odyssey commenced with the triumphant release of her debut EP “A Dreamer’s Addiction” in 2018. Since then, she has graced prestigious stages, from electrifying performances at iLuvLive to sharing the spotlight with Stormzy on XFactor. Her soul-stirring melodies have resonated across diverse platforms, including LinkUp TV, BBC 1Xtra, and the esteemed MOBO Awards.

Beyond the stage, Ada’s impact reverberates through her ground-breaking initiative, the “I Am A Woman Campaign.” Born out of a fervent desire to foster safe spaces for women and young people, this project transcends borders, sparking vital conversations on gender equality and holistic well-being. Through panel discussions, workshops, and community engagements, Ada champions a future where every voice is heard and valued.

Ada’s journey is illuminated by the guiding light of her grandmother, a beacon of wisdom and resilience. A trailblazer in academia and advocacy, she instilled in Ada the unwavering belief in the power of education and compassion to effect change.

If honoured as this year’s recipient, Ada envisions leveraging this platform to amplify her mission of empowerment. Through collaborations with healthcare professionals, educational institutions, and grassroots organizations, she aims to cultivate a culture of holistic well-being and sustainability, particularly among the youth.

Despite facing financial constraints, Ada remains undeterred, channelling her resourcefulness to ensure the continuity of her initiatives. With a steadfast commitment to securing sustainable funding, she endeavours to expand the reach of her programs beyond the confines of London, catalysing lasting change on a global scale.

Ada embraces her role as a beacon of hope and resilience, embodying the ethos of compassion and purpose-driven leadership. Through her multifaceted endeavours as a musician, activist, and professional, she exemplifies the transformative power of empathy and perseverance.

Ada Boas stands as a testament to the profound intersection of artistry and activism, infusing every endeavour with a boundless passion for social justice and empowerment. With unwavering determination and a heart overflowing with compassion, she continues to illuminate pathways of hope and possibility for generations to come.




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