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Nominated for the SJA Media & Literary Award

Nominee Profile: Shisia Wasilwa- broadcaster, writer, author and prolific interpreter

Shisia Wasilwa is a highly accomplished and goal-driven multimedia journalist and communications professional with an impressive track record spanning over 20 years in prominent media organizations. His extensive expertise encompasses TV program production, news editing, reporting, and anchoring, as well as proficiency in translation and interpretation, digital content creation, and the development of media releases, statements, and briefings.

Shisia has consistently demonstrated his ability to effectively convey messages to diverse external audiences through various mediums, including social media, radio, and television.

Currently, he holds the position of Program Editor at Standard Group, a media conglomerate that owns Kenya Television Network, Standard Newspaper, and Radio Maisha. Shisia does documentaries and Radio Program that highlights social issues. Moreover, he has previously served as a correspondent for Deutsch Welle, a prominent German-based media outlet, and the British Broadcasting Corporation in Nairobi.

Shisia’s rich career has seen him contribute his talents to several distinguished media houses, including Royal Media Corporation, where he held various roles such as News Anchor, Television News Producer, News Editor, and Radio Producer for Radio Citizen. He has also made significant contributions on an international level, working with China Radio International based in Beijing, China.

In addition to his broadcasting skills, Shisia is an accomplished writer with three Swahili novels to his credit. Notably, his novel “Dunia Tambara Bovu” has received approval from the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development and is being utilised in both Kenya and Rwanda.

His other novels, “Kengeza la Jasiri” and “Makovu ya Uhai” (a Mabati Cornell Nominee), have also garnered acclaim. Shisia has lent his editorial talents to numerous Swahili books, including the editing of renowned writer Ken Walibora’s novel “Ndoto Ya Almasi” and a guide for Said. A. Mohammed’s novel “Utengano.”

Shisia is a certified media trainer accredited by the Media Council of Kenya. He holds a diploma in Mass Communication from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Presbyterian University of East Africa, and a Master of Arts in Digital Journalism from Aga Khan University. His dedication and excellence in the field have been acknowledged with two nominations for the Annual Journalism Excellence Awards, specifically in the category of Best Radio Production Programs.

Shisia, born in Nakuru, is married to Lucy Shisia and has three adorable kids. He is the youngest of eight siblings.

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