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Nominated for the SJA Media & Literary Award

Nominee Profile: Zainab Aziz, Editor and Broadcaster of DW Radio!

Zainab Aziz – a trailblazer in the ever changing world of broadcasting is a name making headlines on DW Radio, bringing life to issues affecting the community every day. Hailing from Kenya, her journey in journalism has been intertwined with radio since 2004 when she joined DW. Before her tenure at DW, Aziz worked at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), where she decided to pursue journalism as her career.

Aziz explains that her passion for this work propelled her into the field of journalism. She believes that for one to be a successful journalist, they must have good education, patience, and a spirit of dedication. However, she faces many challenges, including managing time for interviews for broadcasts.

Among the historical events Aziz will not forget is when she had the opportunity to interview the former President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Horst Köhler, during his visit to DW in 2006. This was a rare and memorable opportunity for her, which further motivated and inspired her in her work.

Although Aziz has not explicitly stated who she would like to interview, undoubtedly she continues to put her efforts into advancing the art of journalism with the aim of educating and inspiring the community.

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