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Nominated for the SJA Art Culture & Music Award

Nominee Profile: Namite Liesbeth Selvaggi

Namite Liesbeth Selvaggi, a remarkable young talent poised to make waves not only in the realm of music but also in advocacy and cultural preservation.

Namite embodies the essence of artistry with a purpose. Hailing from Italy yet deeply connected to Tanzania, she seamlessly bridges cultures through her music, singing fluently in Swahili and Latin. But her talent extends far beyond her linguistic abilities; Namite’s music serves as a powerful vehicle for raising awareness on critical issues such as environmental conservation, climate change, and animal rights.

As a goodwill ambassador of the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), Namite leverages her platform to amplify messages of sustainability and stewardship for our planet. Her dedication to creating impactful music that educates, informs, and entertains is truly commendable.

What set Namite apart is not only her talent but also her unwavering passion and commitment to her craft. Collaborating closely with her family, including her mother, Vanessa Mbambe, who serves as her manager, Namite exemplifies the synergy of talent and dedication.

From winning the prestigious MTM Music & Entertainment Award to composing the song for the UN-declared World Kiswahili Day, Namite’s achievements speak volumes about her talent and influence. Her involvement in film, in 2023, gospel choirs,( Phoenix Gospel Choir Terracina), and multiple award-winning performances- the 2023  Best Cover Song and the Best on Social Award,  at the Festival del Mgazzino,  further underscores her versatility and dedication to her craft.

Namite’s song “Tamaduni,” which celebrates Tanzanian culture, is a testament to her commitment to preserving and promoting cultural heritage. Through her music, she not only entertains but also educates, enlightens, and inspires.

Namite Liesbeth Selvaggi deserves this nomination. Her talent, passion, and dedication to creating meaningful art make her a deserving candidate worthy of recognition and support.



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